About Judy

For over 45 years I have been doing slip covers with Old World craftsmanship. The fabric is molded to the furniture and it emulates upholstery. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted.

Presto! Chango!

The first time I met Judy Hayes, she walked in, gave my tired old couch a quick look, then pulled out her scissors and began cutting 20 yards of material into dozens of seemingly odd and random pieces — all the while chatting and laughing. Then she shoved the whole mess into a bag and left, hollering from her car window, 'See you in a couple of weeks!' And you know, a couple of weeks later, back she came — that tangle of pieces transformed into the most beautiful slipcover I'd ever seen!

Well, many beautiful slipcovers later, I remain in awe of her work. I mean, we visit, she cuts, and in no time at all, a whole new piece of furniture appears! Truth is, Judy doesn't make slipcovers. She makes magic! Give her a call, some fabric, and a couple of weeks. You'll see!
— J. Henderson

Judy, you can "cover my slips" anytime
Louis Nichole

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